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Entering into therapy is

a wonderful investment in yourself.

It takes both insight and courage to reach

out for help at certain times of your life.


You may have tried to resolve or cope with a problem/challenge in your life but feel unable

to resolve it on your own.


You may feel depressed, anxious, angry, "stuck",

or are just not living the life you thought you

would be living.


The alcohol or drugs you were using to help ease your pain are now the cause of it. You're not quite sure when or how it changed from you being in control to the substance being in control but it happened and now you need help.

Just as a single drop of water can begin to create great movement,

so a single step can begin to create great change.

There are many different reasons for taking that first step and reaching out for guidance. 

Whatever your reason, know that when you enter my office, you will be in a "safe space". 


My primary role as your therapist is not to "fix" you. It is to help you gain insight and 

awareness into how you have developed into the unique person you are, and give you the knowledge and skills to make changes in those areas of your life you would like to improve. 


You can transform how you view yourself and your world and learn to interact in a way that 

will allow you to feel more confident and connected with yourself and the people in your life. 

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